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The future of mobile technology and smartphones

Interesting article about the future of mobile devices. It seems like the most important factor for winning the market is battery life. Also, the speed in developing new features like augmented reality and holograms may be a decisive factor. The author also talks about modular phones being an answer to less waste and the possibility to carry a second battery with you. I’m not sure yet if I like the idea of modular phones. Finally, smartphones are a design factor as well (a friend of mine said, smartphones are like fashion) and we want them to look good. What do you think? Would you get a modular smartphone?


Less than a decade ago, most people used either a Blackberry or Nokia as their mobile device. They were the two hottest telecoms in town.

Today, however, Blackberry has effectively admitted failure with barely 1 per cent of the handset market and the launch of an Android phone. Nokia was snapped up by Microsoft and its name has disappeared from the mobile marketplace.

The big players are changing

The body blow was dealt when the iPhone arrived and Blackberry was too slow to react. Mike Lazaridis, who was then co-CEO of Research in Motion, was asked in 2007 about the threat from Apple’s phone. ‘How much presence does Apple have in business? It’s vanishingly small,’ was his reaction, and he was dismissive of the idea that anyone would want a phone without a keyboard. The response from Nokia’s…

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