The Galaxy Note 6 might be better than your laptop

This indeed sounds good! I recently saw a journalist taking notes on his Galaxy Note. I was a bit jealous I must admit. Excited to see the first reviews about the Galaxy Note 6 when it’s out. Is there a Galaxy Note user out there? What do you think about the note-taking functionality?


If you haven’t purchased the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge yet, you might want to wait for Samsung to unveil its next best thing. The Galaxy Note 6 has appeared in various rumors so far and a slew of new reports offer plenty of new details about the upcoming handset. From the looks of it – not that we’re surprised – this will be the Android phone to buy this fall.

The Galaxy Note 6 will reportedly have a USB Type-C port, according to SamMobile, although it’s not clear at this point whether the reversible port will support UBS 3.1 technology. The site also speculates that Samsung will launch an updated Gear VR headset that could make use of the new USB-C port, though nothing is confirmed on that front yet.

If that’s not enough, a report from Android Geeks says the Galaxy Note 6 will have a camera similar to the Galaxy S7’s though there’s a huge twist: It will include an…

Read the entire article from BGR here: The Galaxy Note 6 might be better than your laptop


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