The InBody Band fitness tracker can measure your body composition

It might not be a bad idea to see how our body composition changes after we’ve achieved all these numbers on our fitness trackers… At the moment, I’m using my scale to do this. If we can carry the scale result around with us then we might not need the scale anymore…!? What do you think?


Most fitness trackers are all about numbers. How many steps did you take? How many flights of stairs did you climb? How many projected calories did you burn?

But there is one number (an important one, if you’re a health nut) that is left out of almost every fitness tracker on the market: BMI.

The InBody Band, made by a South Korean company that makes professional-scale body composition tools, is one of the first trackers for the consumer market that will tell you about the makeup of your body.

But when you strap on a fitness tracker, is that what you want?


While other companies like Apple and Fitbit are working to make products that don’t look like fitness gear, InBody doesn’t seem to have made style a priority.

The InBodyBand looks like every first-gen fitness tracker, bearing a striking resemblance to the FitBit Alta. It comes with a polymer band, and the display is long and skinny, though rather thick against the wrist.

That is presumably to make room for the…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: The InBody Band fitness tracker can measure your body composition


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