The iPhone SE tipped to have the same camera as iPhone 6s

I’m excited to hold it in my hands!


The iPhone SE looks like a more exciting handset than we’d initially believed. Rather than being a minimal iPhone 5s upgrade, the new 4-inch handset appears to be more similar to the iPhone 6s series when it comes to internal components. Thus, buyers looking for a high-end iPhone experience in a more compact form would not miss out on most of the features available in Apple’s latest iPhones.

A new report indicates that Apple might be shooting iPhone SE commercials in New York City that focus on the camera experience of the 4-inch device. Specifically, the ads will tout the 4K recording features of the smartphone.

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The news comes from AppleInsider, though the site wasn’t able to verify it. It’s not known whether the ad will be completed by next week’s keynote, but Apple apparently had employees filming in New York as recently as last week. The rumor says the ad would feature a scene comprised of 4K…

Read the entire article from BGR here: The iPhone SE tipped to have the same camera as iPhone 6s


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