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The medium is the Messenger

Messengers and the ecosystem around them (bots, common language like emojis) are the future. The shift to this new platform could be bigger than the shift to mobile. Read why below. Very interesting article and a recommended read!


If you’re not already thinking about what your product looks like in a messaging application, it may be too late. Facebook Messenger crossing the 1 billion user mark today isn’t unexpected, but it is a huge blinking marquee telling us what we should already know: messaging is the platform of the future.

Messenger’s milestone is just the latest in a series of big numbers for messaging apps. WhatsApp hit a billion users in February; Line, which had the most successful IPO of any tech company so far in 2016, has 218 million monthly active usersKik has 300 million registered users. Few things of any description can claim this kind of reach, and that’s going to have a huge impact on how we communicate with one another.

We’ll build this civilization on the bones of the old

The rise of messengers is definitely driven by organic growth from users, but companies that operate them also have reason to want to push them to grow further still. Real…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: The medium is the Messenger


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