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The mobile security dilemma: Can enterprises trust BYOD?

An interesting article that adds to this BYOD article. It discusses the dilemma of offering BYOD and therefore increase user satisfaction and productivity on the one hand, and making sure the right security level is in place on the other. The author suggests to use “sufficient factor authentication” (according to the enterprise compliance guidelines) and to better integrate apps (of EMM solutions and third party ones) so that the use of an EMM solution is not restricted to only the apps that come with it, but that all kinds of apps can communicate and therefore the same quality of work can be achieved on desktop as well as on mobile. 

There is no word about how this integration should be achieved. In my opinion, Native App Management could be one of the answers.


The benefits of BYOD to an enterprise are two-fold: firstly, removing the cost of providing devices for staff, and secondly, encouraging greater uptake of mobile among employees. This in turn (so the theory goes) boosts productivity and knowledge-sharing.

But the reality is more complex. A key problem with BYOD is that it blurs the line between workers’ personal and professional lives on the mobile phone. This overlap is nothing new. Consumerisation has been a well-reported trend in enterprise technology in recent years. Workers want the tools they use at work to be as intelligent, familiar, and easy-to-use as the technology they use at home.

The Digital Workplace

The extension of consumerisation is the so-called ‘Digital Workplace’ – a Gartner-led concept that promotes the inter-connection between digital communications, collaboration, data-sharing, business applications, and mobility, to enable more agile working and improve staff productivity and…

Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: The mobile security dilemma: Can enterprises trust BYOD?


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