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The pros and cons of building location-aware mobile applications

Sure, a car navigation application needs to know a user’s location, but do all mobile applications really need to know location? Location services are now easily available on smartphones, and there is an increasing trend in applications wishing to get this information and use it in the mobile app, supposedly to provide an engaging user experience. However, capturing location has data and battery costs associated with it. So let us reflect on whether an application should really be designed in a location-aware manner.
To start with, here are some applications that use location information: Google Street View, Nearbuy, GasBuddy, Checkmark, Find My iPhone. And there are many more available on the app stores. Following are the main considerations that developers should question before they put that location application programming interface (API) into their next app.
Value for the user
Some users definitely see location as private information. So unless users are getting…
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