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The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry

From 2000 to 2010, BlackBerry set the standard for enterprise mobility. BlackBerry, then known as Research in Motion, stretched the bounds of what could be done with the constrained bandwidth, processing power, and displays of the day. By the end of the decade, almost every mobile professional, especially in high security industries like Financial Services and Government, was a proud BlackBerry user. BlackBerry, the device, rocked; the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) was mission-critical; and BlackBerry, the company, was an agent of transformation.
And then it all changed. iOS and Android overtook BlackBerry in both enterprise and consumer markets. App innovation exploded. BYOD became real. That’s the environment which created MobileIron. We built a platform to secure modern user experiences and allow our customers to choose best-of-breed apps without getting locked into a single-vendor stack.
Our customers were exactly the security-conscious businesses and institutions that…
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