The three ages of digital

This is an interesting view on the future and definitely worth reading. It’s all we think about and probably fear put in words. The author draws a perfect image of our digital future. He says, in the past we digitised data, now we integrate digital data and the internet into our lives and society and in the future it will become a good that moves to the background and will become normality for everybody. We will live between reality and a virtual world and the companies owning the data will be more powerful than governments. He also explains how society will change. But read for yourself…


Things seem to be changing faster than ever and life feels increasingly complex and fragmented.

We could be at peak complexity, but I think that life will, in fact, soon simplify. We are currently mid-phase between two eras: the pre- and post- digital age.

It isn’t unusual to think that you have understood “the power of the new” when you haven’t. We thought that the beauty of the MP3 format was its storage capability, when in hindsight it was about streaming every piece of music ever made. We thought that the wonder of the mobile phone was making phone calls anywhere, when in fact it was a personal gateway to the Internet.

My favourite story of all is about the way in which we originally misunderstood electricity. It didn’t change businesses overnight. It took around 20 years for people to understand that it wasn’t a question of embellishing existing processes, but rebuilding them from scratch.

For electricity’s first decade, factory owners kept…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: The three ages of digital


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