These 2 phones could be the biggest threats to the iPhone 7

iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5 – a smartphone comparison.


Apple remains dependent on the iPhone. Last quarter, it generated about 68% of the company’s revenue, and probably a greater percentage of its net income. iPhone customers are famously loyal, but the company still faces a healthy amount of competition in the high-end handset market.

If history is any indication, Apple’s next flagship smartphone (presumably called the iPhone 7) will make its debut in September.

The most significant competition it’s likely to face, however, could arrive this month. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5 are scheduled to make their debuts in the near future, and they should be among the most popular Android-powered smartphones of 2016.

Samsung’s S-generation

Last year’s Galaxy S6 was the most revolutionary smartphone Samsung had released in years. Spurning its traditional plastic design, Samsung released an attractive handset made of both metal and glass, with a top-notch display and beefy processor.

Unfortunately, such design…

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