ThinPrint Cloud Services – True cloud printing from any device to any printer

At Citrix Synergy 2016, I had the pleasure to talk to Christoph Hammer, President and CEO of ThinPrint Cloud Services.

We talked about their offering, typical use cases and future plans.

ThinPrint Cloud Services offer true cloud printing. You can print from any device to any printer – being it Android, iOS devices, MacBooks or Windows devices. They all work as the printing setup is independent from the devices. The setup is done in the cloud. The company simply creates an account with ThinPrint Cloud Services, invites users, sets the right policies so that certain printers are assigned to certain users and they can start. No driver installation is required. Users can also be billed per page and user activity is tracked. The headache of printing goes away.

The solution works for internal managed users, as well as for guests or users that bring their own devices. You do not want to setup every private device in your network only so the users can print. With ThinPrint Cloud Services, the users register once and can use the cloud service immediately.

The solution is very practical for shared workspaces like co-working spaces or business centres, as well as universities. They also see traction within companies, especially with the ones having the BYOD use case.

In the future, they want to offer the complete service for printing. The customers only need to buy printers and plug them in and the rest is taken care of by ThinPrint Cloud Services. They will manage the printers and drivers, as well as appliances and also consider delivering the support. A great future without printing headaches lies ahead of us!

Do you have a similar use case? Feel free to contact me or ThinPrint Cloud Services for further info. You can also listen to the full interview below.

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