This is how Google might fix its messaging system

Interesting… from a user perspective, they should make Apple and Google talk to each other, otherwise you can only enjoy the full messaging experience with friends and contacts who have the same phone brand.


You might not remember them if you don’t follow Android news closely, but Allo and Duo are Google’s latest messaging and video chatting apps. Introduced at Google I/O in May, the two apps are supposed to launch at some point in the future, and they’ll be available on Android and iPhone. Google did not fully explain what’s in store for the Android versions of the apps, but an alleged beta tester revealed on Reddit how these apps should work inside Android 7.0 Nougat.
Replying to a thread posted a few days ago that proposed that Google would combine Allo and Duo into a single platform, user LTNGNX explained how the apps should work once Nougat rolls out.
Allo and Duo will be default apps, he said, with the Messenger app expected to be phased out gradually. Hangouts will also be phased out “little by little” on mobile devices, but it’ll stay on as businesses use it a lot.

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