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Top 5 Wearables To Watch For In 2016

This has to be the year of wearable tech. Now, in 2016, the consumers are now more knowledgeable about technology and also how to maximize its benefits. Gartner reported that “wearables are expanding beyond early adopters,” where an expected increase in the daily usage will be evident in 2016.

Additionally, new forms of wearable technology are going to rise this year, with many devices exhibiting more high-tech and revolutionary features. Expect new devices that are going to appeal to the new markets.

To help you understand better the upcoming changes, we have prepared here at WT VOX, a post that highlights five of the most anticipated wearables to watch for in 2016.

1. Top…

Read the entire article from MacRumors here: Top 5 Wearables To Watch For In 2016


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