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Top retailer mobile app performers show marked revenue improvement

Retailers, take notice: You cannot afford to ignore retailer mobile app sales any longer as the market for mobile transactions continues to grow.
That is the implication and conclusion of a new Applause report on the internet retailer market, released this week. According to the report, sales from retailer mobile app transactions increased to $59.86 billion in 2015 from a total of $35.48 billion in the year prior. That $24.38 billion annual increase accounts for a growth rate of more than 68 percent.
Of the top 500 retailers around the world, 303 have their own mobile apps. The top 50 took in about half of the total mobile app sales of the top 500 retailers combined: a staggering $29.46 billion in 2015.
According to the Applause report, retailer mobile app contenders should emulate the following characteristics, most commonly shared by the mobile retail app leaders:

  • Successful apps that generate consistent sales use geolocation to engage consumers and encourage…

Read the entire article from MobileBusinessInsights here: Top retailer mobile app performers show marked revenue improvement


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