Triple healthcare hack puts patient data for sale on the darknet

This shows again how important it is to keep personal data secure. 


Healthcare is a common target for hackers looking to make a profit off of the personal information of others. After all, hospitals and healthcare organizations store large amounts of  data, often including sensitive information and insurance records, which cyber criminals can utilize in any number of ways. As such, it comes as little surprise to see around 655,000 healthcare records up for sale on the darknet.

The data seems to be from three different breaches, according to HIPAA Journal. According to the hacker selling the data sets, they come from organizations in Missouri, Georgia, and an unspecified area in the Midwest United States.

One database, stolen from Farminton, Missouri, contains nearly 45,000 patient records, while the one from the Midwest held over 207,000 records. The hacker’s posting claims all that it took to steal those were plaintext usernames and passwords, which were easily accessible, and the latter’s network was “severely…

Read the entire article from SiliconAngle here: Triple healthcare hack puts patient data for sale on the darknet


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