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UE Boom and Bose OE Soundlink – entertainment at home and on the go!

It all started with a sailing trip! We were a crew of 8 people far far out in the Caribbean Sea. Besides sun and Cubra Libre, music was not to be missed. Luckily, one of our crew members had a new UE Boom loudspeaker onboard. Our travel entertainment was taken care of!

Thanks to simple bluetooth connection, everybody could contribute to our music enjoyment by being the DJ right from their smartphones. So, we listened to various playlists and favourite songs while riding the waves and relaxing in the bays. You can imagine that riding the waves does not always keep the boat and people dry. But our UE Boom (which we named Boom Boom) braved every wave. It is water resistent and therefore enjoyed the little splashes from time to time too and continuously kept our mood up with great music. It is very robust, got squeezed into two boards of our onboard table when it got a bit shaky and can even stand dust. We all learned to love our Boom Boom, and when it got stolen by another boat (a befriended one) we missed it a lot. After an exchange with a bottle of Rum, we finally had it back and enjoyed the sounds (and the Rum) with the befriended crew.

After our sailing trip, we all missed Boom Boom and did some research about what else belonged to the Boom Boom family. We discovered a colourful universe of speakers and learned that you could also connect two UE Booms and have them play in stereo. Great! After a couple of days, most of us had ordered their own UE Booms and posted their pictures on Facebook. I got a  midnight blue one.

They come with great sound quality (for being bluetooth speakers) and thanks to their round shape you have a 360° sound experience. It also talks to you giving you the battery status by pressing the two big volume buttons at the same time.

So, how do I use it in my daily life? I love to read but often don’t have the time to sit down and literally read a book. Therefore, I got into audiobooks which you can listen to while driving, walking, if your eyes are too tired and while cleaning the house. 😉 I love it! My time is used most efficiently. Now, if the noises around you are too loud so that you cannot really understand what the UE Boom “is saying”, then you need headphones.

I liked the idea of headphones for quite some time (not the in-ear ones that you get with your smartphone but real big headphones). I use a pair of Sony headphones when I’m travelling on a plane as the surrounding noises are so loud. They have noise cancelling and a very good sound. However, at home, I do not want to walk around with my device stuck to me. I want wireless – bluetooth. So, I was looking around for good-looking bluetooth headphones and came across a pair in France, the Bose OE Soundlink.

You can have them in white and blue or black. I liked the white and blue ones. After reading a lot of reviews and trying them out in a tech store, I came to the conclusion that they were exactly what I wanted! They looked good, were small enough for my small ears, had a great sound (again, considering they are bluetooth headphones) and you can even use them to make calls. Of course, you can also wire them up. I loved them!

So, at Christmas, I got my new toy! Now, I’m all set! UE Boom for hands-free entertainment for one or several persons at home or while travelling and my Bose OE Soundlink headphones for the use in noisy environments being it at home while vacuuming, on a plane or in a noisy street. It also works great for Skype or Viber calls. You can have your phone laying around somewhere, talk to your friends and walk around doing other stuff. It also has volume buttons, and a mute button that allows you to stop your audio, kind of like the iPhone headphones do.

To summarise, if you like audiobooks, music at home and while travelling and want some good bluetooth speaker experience, then I can only recommend the UE Boom speaker and the Bose OE Soundlink headphones.

I hope I could help in case you are looking for bluetooth speakers or headphones at the moment.

Have a Happy New Year and see you in 2016!!


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