Ulysses for iPhone makes me consider writing articles on my phone

This app sounds really useful for everybody who is writing a lot! It sync’s your writing across devices and also includes automation features. It sounds like it is worth a try!


I write hundreds of words every day on my phone. At first it was just emails and text messages, but now it’s also Slack conversations, notes and countless of messages of various sizes and shapes in all sorts of messaging apps. And yet, there’s one thing I’ve refrained from doing so far — writing TechCrunch posts on my phone. But this is also changing.

Earlier this week, small indie development shop The Soulmen released Ulysses for iPhone. Ulysses is a popular writing app on OS X and iPad. I’ve played with the app on my Mac in the past. But I couldn’t really consider using it seriously because there was one missing element — an iPhone app.

Ulysses is a Markdown text editor for small and big projects. It works quite well for anything between a blog post and a novel. And Ulysses is also the kind of apps we need on iOS. It’s an expensive $25 app that provides nearly all the features of its desktop equivalent. In other words, it’s a serious app to do serious work with a clear…

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