[Video] Does the iPhone need a ‘panic button’?

The only problem with a panic button integrated in TouchID might be that you could accidentally use the wrong finger and then delete all your data. I like the idea of an emergency call, though, or sending the GPS data to the police/911. This could help people with a heart attack or stroke, or in an accident, to get quick help. They just need to touch their phone. Done right, the panic button could be a nice feature.


The iPhone’s Touch ID feature is quick way to our most valuable data. But could this same data ever be used against us? If so, then there might be a reason to panic.

Despite the FBI demands, Apple has sworn to make the iPhone even harder to crack. And this promise could soon be a reality. Apple has filed a patent that would turn TouchID into something like a “panic button.” Just use a specific finger to trigger this panic mode, and your iPhone will lock down certain personal information or wipe the device entirely. The panic mode might also give you more robust security options, like sending your GPS coordinates to the police or automatically calling 911.

Based on the patent, it sounds like panic mode was originally intended to prevent your iPhone from being stolen. But in this day and age of ever-changing privacy protections and the government’s recent fascination with iPhone-hacking, the Panic Button could also serve as a defense mechanism against…

Read the entire article from CIO.com here: Does the iPhone need a ‘panic button’?


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