Welcome to the post-app world?

Very interesting article… Apps become a gateway to the information we need. We skim the internet by receiving notifications (I tend to do that more and more). Will we move to voice instead of screens, or haptic input methods? Alexa is a good example. I think, this will all happen. However, we still need our smartphones or screens as we also want to consume content like pictures, videos, emojis, drawings etc. For communication, we might use holograms one day (like shown in the movie “A Hologram for the King”), or we can use video telephony to see the real facial expressions and don’t need emojis. But we can already do that today and we prefer text, as video is not always appropriate. Therefore, I think apps and mobile devices will stay for a while. Mobile devices are not only communication devices but little computers that are the connecting gateway between the human being and the internet. They connect us with data, knowledge, content and our friends. But I agree that we might rather pull the content from the apps and that we use aggregators to do that for us, instead of looking for content ourselves. What do you think? What is the future of apps?


We’ve fallen in love with apps. It’s hard to see something so popular fading into the past, but what if that happened? What if apps were simply an iteration of the mobile web, before something better came along?

With the flurry of announcements that occurred around Facebook’s F8 conference, perhaps that time has finally come.

Are we witnessing the rise of the Bots?

Since 2010, “there has been an app for that”. However, such excitement appears to be diminishing. On your own homescreen (the most valuable real estate on earth), what new apps are using that space?

For every iPhone sold, 119 apps have been downloaded. However, we use fewer than a quarter of those apps in any given month. The average app loses 77% of its users within three days after being downloaded. The five apps that we love the most take up 80% of our session time.

Over the past few years, “click to download” display ads have littered feeds. It seemed like every retailers’ mCommerce…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Welcome to the post-app world?


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