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What It Means to Be Productive in the Mobile-Cloud Era

Being productive at work once simply meant transforming paper processes into digital ones. But this was the desktop era, when desktop computers were the primary place work happened.

In today’s mobile-cloud era, employees expect work to be even more seamless and speedy. Employees now want to work on mobile devices as quickly as they can put a pen to paper, but the new digital ecosystem requires more steps to get from motivation to execution.

So the business world is once again redefining what it means to be productive, Blake Brannon said at Mobile World Congress 2016, vice president of product marketing at VMware AirWatch. And the momentum of mobile technology is quickly creating a completely new way of being productive at work, said Blake.

Being Productive Now Means Working in the Moment

Working across multiple devices and platforms is the new norm. Workers now want, and expect, to work on the most readily available endpoint at the moment, just like they do in their…

Read the entire article from VMware AirWatch here: What It Means to Be Productive in the Mobile-Cloud Era


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