What people don’t get about the Apple Watch

I agree and I like my Apple Watch. It would be great if it worked independent from the phone, though. But it’s coming…!


There’s no getting around it: the first-gen Apple Watch leaves a lot to be desired. Not only can Apple’s wearable be painfully slow at times, its user interface could stand to be much more intuitive. Whereas anyone could pick up a first-gen iPhone and intuitively figure out how it works, the Apple Watch requires a bit of a (frustrating) learning curve.

What’s more, even the most ardent of Apple Watch supporters would have to concede that the device is not the revolutionary game-changer many people were anticipating in the weeks and months prior to its unveiling. Additionally, Apple has been uncharacteristically quiet about cumulative iPhone sales. Taken together, all the factors above have contributed to an increasingly popular narrative that would have you believe that the Apple Watch is a complete flop and nothing more than a failure indicative of the fact that Apple’s ability to innovate likely vanished the day Steve Jobs died.

The reality, however, is much more…

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