What the Internet Looks Like for Someone With Dyslexia

Try as you might, if you don’t have dyslexia, it’s probably hard to really understand what it’s like for someone who does to use the Internet, where text is king. A developer named Victor Windell wanted to change that. Windell created a simulation that lets anyone see what it’s like to have severe dyslexia and read online content.

“I remembered a conversation I had a long time ago with a dyslexic friend,” said Windell. “Out of curiosity, I asked about how she experiences reading. She explained it as the letters ‘jumping around.’”

In the sim, words and numbers dance before your eyes. They twist themselves backwards and upside down, morphing on the screen as you desperately try to make sense of them. For a moment, you understand how difficult it is for dyslexic people to navigate a largely text-based medium. Windell wrote the code on a whim in between sessions at a conference.

“I wrote some programming code to scan through the webpage and find all words. One…

Read the entire article from Wired here: What the Internet Looks Like for Someone With Dyslexia


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