What to do with a broken Apple Watch?

My dear readers, I’ve been silent for a while. Work made me travel Europe – and even Australia – and I did not have much time to update you on the latest mobility news. I hope I will be able to change this again from now on. Tomorrow is the WWDC, are you excited? I am, but this is another topic that I will be back on tomorrow.


Today, I would like to talk about my Apple Watch. I went for a run (I need to get in shape for our company run in a couple of weeks) and wanted to clean it afterwards. I took off the sports band and cleaned both, the band and the watch body, all nicely with a sponge. Then I put both on top of a shelf to let it dry.


Later on, I had to grab something from the shelf and slightly pushed against it so that the Apple Watch slid and fell off… on the tiles and under a cabinet. I just prayed that it would still be fine… but when I got it out from under the cabinet and turned it around to see the front side, it was all shattered. 🙁 It still worked, though.


So, the big question is, what to do now? Should I have it repaired? Should I get version 2 with GPS and being waterproof, should I wait for version 3 that is due later in fall?


Well, so far I didn’t do either of those. Version 2 is slightly thicker and with my slim wrists, it might look a bit bulkier. Also, paying over 400€ when version 3 is almost at the door seemed unreasonable to me.


I checked out repair costs. Without Apple Care, the costs for repairing the screen in Germany are 240.90€ (only 199$ in USA). Should I pay more than half of the price of a new one to get the same watch back?


Then I had another idea, as the Apple Watch is still working, I thought, maybe I can get a screen protector until the 3 arrives. It would look ugly, but for running and for my preparations for the company run, it would be ok. So, I checked on Amazon, which cases were available and found this one.


It only covers the top so that it does not get sweaty under the watch when you run, compared to using a fully closed case. But it also covers more (the sides) than just a film on top of the screen.


I am still waiting for it to be delivered, but as soon as I have it, I will write again and let you know how it is.


I hope it will last until the release of the Apple Watch Series 3. There are lots of rumors about the Apple Watch 3. The greatest would be if they added LTE capabilities so that you could go for a run without your phone and also listen to music via streamed data (requires good data plan), and a longer battery life so that you can leave the charger at home when you go on a weekend or business trip. It happened to me that I forgot it a couple of times and then had to run my watch in Power Saving Mode.


There are also more rumors about more health and fitness features like a glucose monitor for diabetes patients. They might also build in more features into the bands and make them smarter. We will see. I will be most excited about LTE and longer battery life and hope they will get back to the Apple Watch 1 thickness or make it even thinner. If you want to read more about the rumors, you can check out an article on MacRumors here or one on Techradar here.


Have you ever broken your Apple Watch? If so, how did it happen and what did you do? I would like to hear about your experience and advice in the comments section below.


I hope I could give you some alternatives on what you could do if you break your Apple Watch and wanted to share my thought process with you.


I will be back tomorrow with news from WWDC. So, stay tuned and come back to this site if you want to know what has been announced!


Have a great night!


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