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What to expect at Apple’s iPhone press conference

This is a good summary of what to expect at the Apple Event tomorrow!


Apple is about to unveil its lineup of new products tomorrow in San Francisco. Rumor has it that Apple is introducing the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple Watch 2. The company will also talk about iOS 10, macOS Sierra, and potentially maybe the new MacBook Pros. Here’s what to expect.
Let’s start with the elephant in the room. For the past three years, Apple has introduced new iPhones at a press event in early September. Based on multiple leaks, this year shouldn’t be an expection.


The iPhone 7 (or whatever Apple calls it, but iPhone 7 seems likely) will feature more or less the same design as the iPhone 6s. The antenna lines at the back will be streamlined and the camera will be a bit more prominent. And yes, it looks like the audio port is going away.


It seems likely that Apple is going to spend quite a bit of time talking about camera improvements. Based on leaked photos, the iPhone 7 camera will be bigger and the flash more effective,…


Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: What to expect at Apple’s iPhone press conference


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