What you need to know before building an app [Infographic]

Have you ever had an idea for an app? I have one, and I wish I could just start and build it. But I am not an app developer. Also, I would need a backend for it. So, it will be a bigger project – a long one and a cost-intensive one. Planning it right will be very important for its success, and also having the right resources available, the right developer team. Well, I am working on it.


As said, building an app does not happen from today to tomorrow. It is a long process. It is also not only about “building” the app.  You need to make sure the market for it is there, you need to think about how you want to monetise it. What will your go-to-market strategy look like? Which OS do you want to start with? What should the design look like? How to make sure it is user-friendly?
There are tons of questions which need to be answered before creating an app. But, there is help! The infographic below shows you the basics for app development. It will:

  • show you 10 steps from finding a niche for your app to creating additional features once it is launched
  • explain 4 different ways on how to monetise your app
  • give you additional valuable insider advice on app creation and app launch
  • make you avoid pitfalls

If you are not a developer and need help you could check out these professional and experienced developers from ERS IT Solutions in Ireland.
And, here comes the infographic:

I hope you liked this overview and that it could motivate you to move forward with your app project!
If you’ve already built an app and have therefore made experiences with the app building process, I would like to hear what you built and what experiences you made!
Have a great day!


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