What’s trending in the IoT space

Good overview of the main areas of the Internet of Things! We only need to make sure we have an internet connection everywhere we want to use connected things. Mark Zuckerberg needs to hurry up to make his vision of worldwide internet come true!


Our team has been active as investors in the Internet of Things and hardware space over the past two years. We have read pitches from hundreds of companies, met with dozens, read hundreds of research reports and spoken with various experts. We have invested in six IoT/hardware companies from our global seed fund and seven from our startup accelerator.

With this accumulated knowledge, we decided to create an easy to read overview for others to get up to speed on this trending space of IoT. Here is our full report; the following is a summary of what we learned.

Our view is that there are five major battlegrounds for IoT and hardware innovation and market growth in the consumer space: connected homes, wearables, healthcare, robotics and drones and transportation. For this article, I’ll cover three sectors (two consumer and one industrial): connected homes, healthcare and industrial IoT.

In the home

Within the connected home, we have identified three primary entry points to…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: What’s trending in the IoT space


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