When IT and business clash: Ending the battle over mobile app dev productivity

I like this quote of the article: “First, both teams need to develop a better appreciation of the challenges either party is responsible for. This can help them find common areas of understanding, so that the solutions developed will satisfy both teams and support their productivity.” 

Then, the article becomes a bit technical and dives deep into APIs. I think, teamwork and mutual understanding is the most important task when creating mobile applications.


IT’s job is straightforward – or so you’d think. That is, it’s simple until the wider business takes IT matters into its own hands.

It is often at this point where problems and opportunities co-exist. Both the business and the IT department strive to increase productivity, yet the tug-of-war between them often introduces more complexity and challenges for both teams.

Rogue projects launched by business teams, rather than the IT department – known as ‘shadow IT’ – are a growing trend. Increasingly these projects involve mobile app development, and they cause headaches for IT management even as businesses seek to boost their own productivity.

Often, IT teams and business teams both have compelling arguments to support application development from their own perspectives. But what steps can IT…

Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: When IT and business clash: Ending the battle over mobile app dev productivity


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