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Who is buying Apple’s 4-inch iPhone? Data shows SE attracting more new users from Android

Now, this is interesting news. This would mean that Android users mostly go for Android because of the price point, as they could get much better Android phones than the iPhone SE from a hardware perspective (like the Samsung Galaxy S7). Or, only the ones that choose Android because of the more cost-effective models can now go for the iPhone SE. The ones who use Android for its openness might stick with Android. What’s your opinion about it?


iPhone SE might be helping Apple attract more new users from Android compared to previous recent iPhone launches, according to the latest data on sales of the new device from Slice Intelligence. Specifically, Slice points to the higher number of SE buyers coming from Android compared to the iPhone 6S:

Early data from Slice Intelligence indicates that the SE may help Apple grow its maturing iPhone consumer base. Only 35 percent of iPhone SE buyers purchased an iPhone online in the past two years, and 16 percent of them were previously Android users. By comparison, 49 percent of iPhone 6S buyers upgraded from a previous iPhone, and 10 percent replaced an Android device they bought online within the past two years.

That’s despite a much smaller overall launch for the device compared to Apple’s flagship devices (around 94 percent smaller than the iPhone 6S according to Slice), something most likely expected due to the rare mid-year iPhone refresh offering relatively minor…

Read the entire article from 9to5Mac here: Who is buying Apple’s 4-inch iPhone? Data shows SE attracting more new users from Android


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