Why an unhackable mobile phone is a complete marketing myth

This shows, we all need to be responsible, follow security guidelines, don’t do anything that seems suspicious and generally keep our eyes open to prevent security threats. 

We should not restrict users with completely locked down phones. They will not enjoy them anymore and therefore not be productive. They need to be taught to recognize the potential threats.



The mobile security market is taking flight due to high-profile hackings, but is there such a thing as an unhackable phone? Especially one that costs as much as $14,000?


Consider this: The smartphone in your pocket is 10 times more powerful than the fastest multi-million dollar supercomputers of just 20 years ago. There are tens of millions of lines of software in that phone of yours. There are hundreds of apps written by more than one million developers, some of whom are hackers, and some of whom are just incompetent at security. And then there are chips in your phone that run sophisticated software, from companies located in countries all around the world, all of which have security bugs.


The complexity is mind-boggling — and so are all the security vulnerabilities that exist and will be found in the future.


In short, anyone who claims to sell an “unhackable phone” is either ignorant or lying.


With cybercriminals increasingly targeting mobile devices (such as with…


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