Why Apple is announcing a new 4-inch ‘iPhone SE’ in March

I like the article. I agree that the form factor of the iPhone 5s was nice and am excited about the 5 SE. If it is really like the iPhone 6s (hardware-wise), but without 3D Touch, then for me it’s worth buying!


For Apple, 2016 is already shaping up to be an unprecedented year, with the company set to launch an entirely new iPhone model earlier than ever. Here are a few key reasons why this is a wise move.Apple has already said that iPhone sales will decline for the first time ever this quarter. Simply put, the astronomical growth posted by the iPhone 6 a year ago made for a difficult comparison, and the iPhone 6s won’t be able to keep pace.

But Apple has had a plan in its back pocket all along: the “iPhone SE.”

By releasing a mid-cycle iPhone replacement, Apple can provide a boost to sales at a time when many consumers start waiting for the next-generation iPhone. A March upgrade helps to disrupt some of the seasonal trends that effect Apple’s sales.

While the imminent launch of the “iPhone SE” probably won’t do much for the current March quarter, Apple will reap the benefits from sales of the new 4-inch model throughout the June and September quarters, right up until…

Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: Why Apple is announcing a new 4-inch ‘iPhone SE’ in March


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