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Why it’s so easy to ignore your to-do list app but get distracted by Twitter

I’m using producteev to be productive and it helps me a lot. The tasks I’m working on are automatically moved to the top so that I always have them in sight when I open the app or web interface. I can also set reminders, but only set them when there is a real deadline. I don’t set a reminder for every task. Like the author below says, it is important to only focus on one or two priorities for the day. Do them sequentially. They need to be finished. You can ignore the rest for now. It helps me to do it that way. You can also set a do-not-disturb mode on your phone so that you don’t get any notifications for a certain time and can concentrate on your task. I also like the possibility in producteev to set sub-tasks. Checking off is fun!

I also use the Apple Watch, so when I get a notification, I feel a short buzz on my wrist and I can either risk a quick look or ignore it and check my phone later. But this way, you don’t get distracted by other stuff going on on your phone while checking a notification. I even intuitively learned the different buzzes for different apps on the watch (activity, stand up reminder, whatsapp, viber, Quartz, Twitter etc.) I almost intuitively know when it is important to look and when it’s not. It helped me to not always check my phone.

How do you feel about being productive? What are your tips and tricks to stay focused?


I’ve spent the past month in a daze, trying to make sense of my own tasks and responsibilities while forcing myself to adhere to a system I came up with that simply doesn’t work.

You can never anticipate how your “perfectly designed” task-management system can fail. It’s our own nature — we’re so sure of ourselves — that makes us think our idea will be the magic trick that solves all our problems.

For me, this idea came around a month ago, on a rainy street in a cafe mostly filled with elderly ladies, looking at me disapprovingly while I did nothing but scroll on my phone for two hours solid. Frustrated with the way I organize my reminders, I was looking for a way to solve the problem that didn’t involve using 50 different apps.

Instead, I ended up creating systems that would bring tears of laughter to the eyes of anyone who knew the first thing about productivity.

When I got home to my laptop, I wrote an awful 2,000-word article about it. Thankfully, this…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Why it’s so easy to ignore your to-do list app but get distracted by Twitter


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