Why mobile apps are crucial for a successful business

With all the security in mind we still need to make sure that we allow our users to be productive and to make a user-friendly experience. With too many lockdowns, complicated passwords and several layers of authentication, the benefits of using a mobile device that is immediately online will get lost.


Today businesses needs to keep up-to-date with the latest developments hitting the technology industry in order to continue to be competitive and successful.
Developments in mobile are taking place faster than ever and it is imperative that businesses keep up. For example, how many businesses are aware that customers now use mobile apps six times more than websites?
Some of the latest and greatest digital developments however pose difficult questions for organisations, in particular medium sized businesses who sometimes don’t have the same size budgets or resources as their larger counterparts. So how can businesses keep from falling behind the competition?
You might have guessed where I’m going with this – a mobile app – that’s how.
Today 64 per cent of mobile phone time is spent on apps.  Using…
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