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Why Mobility Strategies Matter for Enterprises

I really like this article. I agree that we are not done when we have implemented an EMM solution. We should seek the benefits of mobility to re-invent business processes, optimize them and become more efficient in the end. It’s not only about bringing the existing process to the mobile device but about finding new ways of doing business or of executing certain processes thanks to the new digital possibilities that we have.

I really like this part: “…[the] final step of a mobile deployment: using mobile devices and applications in ways that truly transform the enterprise. This does not mean merely moving existing processes to mobile devices, but instead re-engineering core business practices in ways that take advantage of mobility.”

I hope you enjoy reading the article!


Merely incorporating mobile devices and applications into an organization’s operations is no longer enough to put an enterprise ahead of its peers — or even enough to keep pace with them. The vast majority of enterprises are already utilizing mobility at this point, and forward-thinking organizations have already moved on to developing and implementing comprehensive mobile strategies that truly harness mobility to achieve benefits, such as increased productivity and revenue.

The arc to full mobility traverses three major steps. First, organizations must simply incorporate mobile devices and content — through bring-your-own-device (BYOD), choose- your-own-device (CYOD) or corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) models — and take steps to secure devices and data using enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. Again, most organizations have already taken at least some actions to fulfill this first step.

Next, organizations must find ways to ensure that their mobile…

Read the entire article from BizTech here: Why Mobility Strategies Matter for Enterprises


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