Why organizations should understand the value of Swift on security

This article talks about the different security layers of swift and how you can extend them with a framework called Kitura. 



Innovative mobile technology depends on the capabilities of its mobile developers, and developers can only go as far as their programming languages will take them. That was one of the motivations for developing Swift, a programming language that simplifies many of the practices needed to build innovative, scalable mobile solutions, particularly at the enterprise level.


Yet it’s also important to evaluate Swift on security matters, in addition to its broad programming capabilities. Even the most intuitive, high-powered programming language will fall flat on its face if it isn’t prepared to handle rigorous security challenges. And as a programming language built for the future, Swift faces particularly high expectations when it comes to addressing these security threats.


The healthcare, banking and retail industries are eager entrants into the world of mobile solutions, where technology can usher in revolutionary solutions such as mobile health…


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