Why Quartz’s news app is so much bigger than news

I am using the Quartz News app and am receiving notifications on my Apple Watch. I must agree with the author of the below article, that I would love to tailor the content that I receive to my interests. At the moment, I only receive general news. They can be interesting sometimes, but other times a topic I’m not interested in makes me ignore the news and I also don’t dive deeper into other news. The Apple Watch always suggests three news topics at once. However, when I am interested in a topic and start reading it on my phone, then I kind of get addicted to the chat feed and want to continue reading more and more. So, spot on! I hope, the app will learn what I like and give me more interest specific content, or at least let me choose it at setup. 

I also agree that chat is the future. I am a big fan of chat as a communication tool and also often use it as my primary support contact medium. 

Have you tried out Quartz? What is your experience? Do you like it?


Have you tried the Quartz News app, yet? Please do. Imagine a text conversation with a bot that sends you a news topic. You’re then presented with two choices: Either tap a string of relevant (and surprisingly entertaining) emojis, which is like pressing “learn more,” or tap an “anything else?” button to have another topic served:

If you opt for the emojis, the app sends 1-3 follow-on texts that provide a high-level summary of the story and link to the article. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see a pertinent and entertaining gif in the mix for added value.

When it comes to news apps in general, I like to scroll through a daily aggregator feed I’ve personalized to my liking; I usually don’t want someone else telling me which news stories to pay attention to — especially not one at a time. So originally, my intrigue with Quartz News left me feeling a little conflicted (#WhoAmI?).

Plus, while I’m sure they’ll add personalization, at first this app

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Why Quartz’s news app is so much bigger than news


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