Why the New DTEK60 Is the Best BlackBerry Smartphone in Years

I must say, the DTEK60 does not look too bad. It is a real smartphone now that allows users to use all the apps non-BlackBerry users use as well but at the same time it comes with additional security featues. I like the design as well. If they do it right, it could actually become a good company phone (again) as alternative to Android (if companies look at the price tag). It could be managed with the BlackBerry/Good Enterprise Mobility solution but also with any other EMM solution that supports Android for Work. The question is how many APIs (EMM policies) are available for third party EMM vendors so that their solutions can manage it like they would manage a Samsung device, for example. We will see. But I think the DTEK60 might be able open enterprise doors again.



After weeks of speculation, BlackBerry on Oct. 25 announced a new Android OS smartphone known as the DTEK60, sporting a 5.5-inch screen and a surprisingly impressive rear-facing 21-megapixel camera. Users also will find a fingerprint sensor, built-in support for encryption and a password keeper to boost the phone’s security. Unlike so many BlackBerry devices that came before it, the DTEK60 sheds the physical keyboard in favor of a virtual keypad. By nearly all measures, it is the best smartphone the mobile company has launched in years. Although it’s not likely to generate massive sales on par with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy handset line, the BlackBerry DTEK60 smartphone, which is available now for $499, could find favor with both enterprise and personal users—particularly former BlackBerry customers who want to give the handset maker one more chance to win them back. This eWEEK slide show covers the DTEK60’s features and what makes it the best BlackBerry handset in a…
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