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Years too late, Microsoft has made a killer Windows Phone feature

Pretty cool idea… But how does the phone know what we want? Don’t we usually always grab it with one hand first and then perhaps add our second had to hold it in landscape mode?


Hey, remember Windows Phone? You probably don’t and for a long time it seems like Microsoft hasn’t remembered it either. Behind the scenes, however, it looks like Microsoft has been working on new features for its mobile operating system and at least one of them is really cool. Per The Verge, Microsoft recently took the wraps off a new feature that it describes as “pre-touch sensing for mobile interaction.” Essentially, this feature can detect when your fingers are near the devices display and will automatically put up menu options for you to use.

One thing that’s particularly impressive about this feature is that it can actually detect the way you’re holding your device. So for example, if you’re holding your phone with your right hand and using your right thumb as the main way to interact with it, it will have the menu pop up on the right-hand side of the display and…

Read the entire article from BGR here: Years too late, Microsoft has made a killer Windows Phone feature


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