Yotaphone – a true innovation in my eyes!

This morning I came across the Yotaphone. I had never heard of it, even though it already seemed to be on the market since beginning of this year. The Yotaphone 2 has been released around June and the Yotaphone 2c and 3 are already in the making.

What is so great about it? Well, I remember how I once thought (and this has not been long ago), it would be great to have smartphone and e-ink reader (I was thinking of my Kindle) in one device.

Every time I pack for traveling I would love to read on my Kindle but then I have the same books on my phone and iPad in the Kindle app and I do not want to carry two or even three devices. However, I also do not want to hurt my eyes. Then I discovered the Yotaphone. It is an Android phone with two displays, one “normal” smartphone display (full HD) and a second e-ink display on the back side. This is great! Traveling with only one device (excluding the iPad) will be possible! You can also choose several backgrounds to make the back side of your phone look nice. You can have it lay on the table and glance at it when you get a message. It is optimal for people who are reading a lot. You can use it like your morning newspaper – you receive breaking news from your news app or RSS feeds, twitter, Facebook etc. and can also check email or text messages. It is even possible to turn off the normal screen when you are low on battery and have your most important stuff running on the e-ink screen. The battery of the Yotaphone is said to last about two days – and even longer in stand by. Another great thing is the frozen screen mode. For example, when you have your boarding pass on your phone and it’s running low on battery, you can “copy” your screen with the QR code to the e-ink screen and even if the battery goes empty you can still see the QR code on the second screen. I am amazed by that! The Android specs are ok but not the best when you compare with the top phones like Samsung S5 and S6 on the market. But as the Yotaphone 3 is already in the making, I will keep an eye on it and MAYBE try it out as my work phone in the coming year!

Check out the video! What do you think? Are you as amazed as I am? Do you see the use case, or is it just me?



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