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You Can Use Your Phone to Check This Smart Luggage In

Quite expensive… but cool stuff!


There is one overriding reason to consider paying as much as $1,300 for a suitcase with Rimowa’s electronic tag: It makes checking your bag a breeze, saving loads of time.

The tech uses an app, an electronic ink display, and back-end integration with airline baggage systems to create and display a baggage tag. This lets you skip the part where an airline counter clerk loops one of those sticky paper tags through the handle of your luggage. Just check your bag using your phone, drop it at the counter, and head for the nearest Cinnabon.

The E Ink screen on the side of the bag can display a unique airline baggage tag every time you fly.

Of course this requires an app. You download it from the App Store (Android is coming) and pair it to your bag via Bluetooth. However, you must use a supported airline’s check-in app to complete the process. So far only Lufthansa supports the electronic tag process, but United is testing it.

When you check in, a digital luggage tag…

Read the entire article from Wired here: You Can Use Your Phone to Check This Smart Luggage In


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