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Your Chromebook Will Soon Be Able to Run Android Apps

ANDROID STARTED AS a smartphone operating system eight years ago and has since taken over almost everything with a screen. It is the world’s leading mobile operating system, due in no small part to a sprawling app store with more than 1.6 million titles.

Google hasn’t enjoyed quite the same success with Chrome OS. Even as Chromebooks take over education and low-end PCs, critics still call it “just a browser” that “only works with an Internet connection.” That’s a bit harsh. Chrome is a fantastic operating system—lean and simple and perfectly suited to working in the cloud. But it doesn’t feel like a fantastic operating system because multitasking in tabs is a pain in the ass, and apps are generally faster.

Everyone saw where this was headed. Today, it went there. Google announced that it is making the Android Play Store available to Chrome OS. Developers…

Read the entire article from Wired here: Your Chromebook Will Soon Be Able to Run Android Apps


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