Your smartphone could soon be the first step for diagnosing skin cancer

This sounds amazing! I hope this type of technology will be available for the public soon! Cannot wait to try it out! Smartphones can help us to be so much healthier and discover potential sicknesses so much earlier!



If caught early, skin cancer isn’t particularly deadly. But unfortunately for many, signs and symptoms go unnoticed until health has irreversibly deteriorated. Research findings published in Nature today hint at a future where anyone, anywhere, might be able to perform a basic skin cancer screening on a smartphone.
Utilizing machine learning, a Stanford team, including Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun, was able to match the accuracy of dermatologists at identifying skin cancer. The classifier the group built is in no way a panacea offering people a precise and irrefutable cancer diagnoses. But even matching fallible human accuracy, the model could pave the way for a less costly, highly-scaleable, solution to get more people taking life-saving preliminary screenings.
The team started with an existing convolutional neural network architecture, previously trained on 1.28 million images from the ImageNet dataset. Afterwords, they utilized transfer leaning, bringing together…
Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Your smartphone could soon be the first step for diagnosing skin cancer


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